Evahc woM

by Torture Room

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The best thing i've got to record until now. This is, with no doubts, my best work, i would buy it if i was you.

Musically speaking, it has powerviolence, grindcore, deathgrind, Brutal Death Metal, some Slam here and there and songs that are a mix of all of the above (+ my own stuff, that i can't exactly classify, because i think it is my creation, honestly. Stuff like the track 4/4).

Even though i sometimes kick myself for it's considerable lack of heaviness (for my standards), that is quite clear when compared with some of my older stuff, i still think that it is one of the heaviest albuns around and it appeals to my perspective of what would be an ideal album.

The lyrics are edgy and are 50% serious and 50% just for the lulz, some completely made for the lulz.


released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Torture Room São Paulo, Brazil

Formed in late 2012, Torture Room is a Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore one-man band.

Torture Room's reason to "exist" is pushing the extreme metal genre to heavier and heavier levels, without sounding pointless and "trying too hard",like many Brutal Death Metal bands do, nowdays. In other words, it is to represent MY idea of heaviness, what I want to hear.

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Track Name: Controlled
Pay taxes to a government
which it's policy you disagree
financing the death of your own people
turning your nation into sheep
Just one more one person in the cattle
unknowing the evil that you fear

Throwing 1/4 of your life away
For the promise of profit
but in the end of the day you are not the one who gets it
how much more you try own is how much more you will get owned
Ilusion of freedom, individualism, in fact you're just one more in the cattle

Buying poison because it might taste good
beeing a degenerate because you think it's cool
you try to shift the focus from the problems that you face
Yet you fight for bullshit rights that you don't even need

You want to claim liberties that in fact fatten up the state
You are under control but still think you are free
You don't even know exactly who owns you
and when people tell you,you think that it isn't true

Look it up by yourself
you'll make sense out of it
no matter what you do
you're still controled by jews
They control the market
they control the state
they control the media
they control your head
Track Name: Die, Fuckin' Kike!
Die, fucking Kike


Die you fucking hook-nose
Die you fucking kike

Fuck you, parasite!
Track Name: No One Cares For Your Stupid Feelings
This is a bunch a fucking bullshit
Shove your pronouns up your ass
I don't give a fuck that you're offended
Shut your fucking mouth, you fucking fag

No one cares for your stupid feelings

"Transgenders" don't exist
It is just fucking madness
You're just a idiot that wants attention
get out of fucking tumblr you fag
Track Name: I Support Shaming
Quit being a fag
and you'll not be shamed
stop bitching
and go kill yourself

Track Name: Brutalized
Don't try to get away
you're just another corpse
unrecognizable face
killed with brute force

Such a perfect job
i can't remeber right
killed by my hands
i can't understand

Killed slowly
and painfully
vicious blows to the skull

The fate of degenerates
is a painfull death
they live along with the scum
when is my time to act
i go with total force

it can't be worse
marks all over the body
just a fucking mess

Carbonized ears
separate parts of the body
sewed perfectly toghether

Put his fingers in his head
put his lung in his mouth
sewed his penis in his anus
you're gay corpse now

Never felt so complete
never felt so angry
never felt such pleasure
never felt such anger

All this killing will keep happening until all degenerates are dead

I made his body brutalized
Track Name: I Will Not Accept Your Bullshit
You're so progessive
You wan't people to accept you sexuality
and hear your bullshit

You are easily offended
and wan't people stop calling you a faggot
but that's what you are
you're a shame to your parents
a shame to society
you're mentally-ill
and you live in denial

Let me bring you some news
Even if people accept you,nature will not
You live in degeneracy
and you will die broken by AIDS

Trying to normalize
to intensify
your mental-illness that you think is nice
No matter what you do, for me you still a fag
You could just get treatment, but WAN'T TO BE GAY
Track Name: Breivik Is a Hero
Breivik is a hero
he killed young communists
he killed future race-mixers
he killed future cucks
he killed future assholes
he killed fucking the scum

Breivik is a hero!
Breivik is a hero!
Breivik is a hero
Track Name: Treta - Antiboy (Treta Cover)

Cheguei pra decretar o fim
dessa raça que me corroi
Já conhecem o anticristo
agora vem o antiboy

Filho da puta sem palavra
transpirando falsidade
minha vontade é te quebrar
com requintes de maldade

Um taco na sua boca
será que isso dói?
Pode cuspir os dentes pois eu sou um antiboy

Pau no cú boy

Pau no cú,boy pau no cú

Boy pau no cú
Boy pauno cú,filha da puta
Boy pau no cú,filha da puta
Boy pau no cú


Track Name: 130


Track Name: Social Justice Warrior Syndrome
Unable to think with reason
Too scared to hurt some feelings
Act and think just by emotion
Agressive towards those who disagree

Social Justice Warrior SYNDROME (x2)

Incredible hability of making false rape accusations
A strange type of paranoia
Hard time accepting masculinity
Social Justice Warrior SYNDROME
Track Name: Female Metalheads Are Attention-Whores
They dress in slutty clothes
They try talk like man
They end up sound like assholes
and overall FAKE

Female Metalheads Are Attention-Whores
Female Metalheads Are Attention-Whores
Female Metalheads Are Attention-Whores
Female Metalheads Are Attention-Whores

Your growl is not brutal
it sounds fucking weak
You don't even like metal
You're just fucking goth
Track Name: Mind-Slavery
Free yourself from the brainwash that makes you blind
Blind to the truth and reality for your entire life
Just stop thinking with an enslaved mind
Think by yourself,study,analize

The truth is out there
you just have to look for it
Fuck mainstream media
it is all lies and you know it

Look up who owns the banks
who owns mainstream media
who owns big enterprises
who wrote the books that you were forced to study as a child
have you ever wondered if all those "facts" weren't lies?
free yourself from the slavery of your mind

Track Name: Fora Baianos
Volta pra tua terra ninguém te quer aqui
A população paulista está a ponto de se extinguir
Vocês são a causa dos problemas do meu estado
Baiano filho da puta vai pra casa do caralho

Foda-se tua cultura
nós ja temos a nossa
enfia no teu cu teu acarajé e teu arrocha
São Paulo não é uma colonia da Bahia
então volta pra tua terra seu pau no cu cabeça chata!

Fora baianos
Track Name: Victimless Crime
Who did i hurt speaking?
What did i damage questioning?

If it is true why can't i investigate?
Why are my ideas labelled as hate?
Who have i damaged?Who have i hurt?
Can you see your narrative falling appart?

The only thing that is damaged is my free speech
I expose your lies and you try to arrest me
Track Name: Homo Killer
Fags are cancer
Fags are scum
I kill them
I kill the scum
No mercy for degenerates
No mercy for faggots

With an axe to the head
Your life of misery has it's end
You are a sickness, a parasite
I am the cure
I am your death


Homo killer
Homo Killer
I am a Homo Killer
Track Name: Your Life Is Miserable
You are a fucking white knight
your whole life is based on pussy
you have no personality
you are just a fucking puppet

Why don't you kill yourself?
your life is miserable, anyway
Why don't you kill yourself?
your life is miserable, anyway

You are a fucking white knight
your whole life is based on pussy
you have no personality
you are just a fucking puppet
Track Name: Rage
I'm enraged by your pussy way of thinking
Fucking Illogical
Blinded by weakness

Track Name: You Deserve To Be Raped
You go to a slum
and fuck drug dealers
you are a fucking whore
and like having sex with niggers

one of the dumb niggers that you have fucked with
post your video on the internet and fucks your image
you as a usual slut falsely accuse him of rape
you want to blame others for the shit that you have made

you deserve to be raped
you deserve to be killed
Track Name: Killing Wiggers
Fucking wigger
stop thinking you're black
you are not gangsta
you're just a fucking jackass

Put your pants up
you fucking retard
if you say "nigga" again i'll put a bullet in your head

I'll grab your dreadlocks and cut your fucking neck
and then i cut your fucking dick
so you can say "sheeeeiiiit where my dick's at?"

I'll stomp your nose
until it gets wide
then i'll paint you skin
with black permanent tint

When you make your hand symbols
i'll break your fingers
When you try to act tough
i'll stab your jaw


Track Name: Time For War (Oppose The Scum)
It's time act
it's time to stand up tall

With no regrets
We must oppose the scum

The jews have ruled
upon us for time enough

We will not surrender
It's time for fucking war

It's time for revolution
It's time for war
It's time show to the jews that we will oppose the scum
Track Name: Fuck You!

Track Name: Glamorization Of The Wicked
The result of feminine society
What i see is a world pushed into depravity
and imorality

Our values are gone!
Our values are gone!

Poorly substituted
for so-called modern values
based on greed and decadence

Enslaved by their own pleasures
Your confort is the cause of your doom

And the hook-nosed laugh
As you march to your death


All i see is decadence
Pure decadence

Glamorized homosexuality
Drug use
and abuse

Glamorization of crime
White kids no longer want to be white
instead they emulate
whats vile and wicked of the other races

Bashing of our traditional values
Bashing of our racial identity
Massive decline in birthrate

They say they have no time for having kids
Yet they still have time for their stupid hobbies
And when they do have kids
they are fucking mixed-race